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Long legs???


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Cleaning the roof of my M`home and noted that the Status 530 aerial had two small metal "rods" at the rear corners of its triangular shape.

Surprise..[for me anyway.].these proved to be telescopic arms[aerials]that pulled out..maybe for better reception?.

The problem is..do I travel about with a ladder/get a rear fitted ladder..or horse muck in my shoes?? [missus on my shoulders?]

Short [?] of longer legs.. how do I open these [aerials]when in some far flung camping park/field..?

have i missed a trick..are they.. motorised/infra red/bluetooth operated..or just there to look pretty on the status aerial.

I will buy the best solution a pint!!

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Thanks gents

I honestly had never spotted the "things" before. and I started my M`homing in 1975?.hopefully they..[metal aerials] might help my poor radio signal?

I will be at Peterborough..and would be delighted to pay for the beer?I will be the furtive looking guy..asking for real ale..served cold?






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