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EU drivers driving to another EU member state


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Hello i'm resident in UK and i'm also finding difficult to insure my pickup with a 365 EU cover.


i only found few insurers that do that and the prices are sky high.


on the European Commission website i found the DIRECTIVE 2009/103/EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 16 September 2009


i'm not English and i am NOT a lawyer but for what i understood this directive imposes insurers of all EU countries to cover all motor vehicle for the full length of the contract, even if they tell us that we are cover only for a limited time or short trips (21 - 30 or 90 days trip)


on paragraph 25 says:


Some insurance undertakings insert into insurance

policies clauses to the effect that the contract will be

cancelled if the vehicle remains outside the Member

State of registration for longer than a specified period.

This practice is in conflict with the principle set out in

this Directive, according to which compulsory motor

insurance should cover, on the basis of a single

premium, the entire territory of the Community. It

should therefore be specified that the insurance cover is

to remain valid during the whole term of the contract,

irrespective of whether the vehicle remains in another

Member State for a particular period, without prejudice

to the obligations under Member States’ national legislation

with respect to the registration of vehicles.


this is the link to the full Directive:



can anyway help me or confirm what i understood?





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Here's the kicker: that is only an EU directive.


It is for each member state to decide how and when to incorporate it into their own domestic legislation.


So, at present it's a fancy EU idea.


It ain't actually law in all member states, except for any that HAVE passed it into that countries domestic law.

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Andy_C - 2011-03-25 10:25 AM


I think the key phrase is: "compulsory motor insurance"


Any motor insurance policy issued in the EU must provide the minimum insurance cover required by law in any other EU country.






I may have misunderstood, but I don't think this was the point of the OP.


It wasn't whether or not a motor insurance policy issued in the UK is valid in other EU Member States; but the LENGTH OF TIME that any such minimum insurance remains valid for if you travel/stay in another EU Member State.


He is (I think) suggesting that the policy wording of most UK insurance policies is in conflict with the EU Directive, because they say things like "this policy is only valid for up to 90 days travel outside of the UK in other EU countries".




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Yes they do include such statements, but I understand these to refer only to the full comprehensive element of the policy.  My understanding is that the compulsory minimum cover (basically just third party) cannot be so limited.  The insurers create the ambiguity to suit their own ends, but the legislation was introduced to prevent uninsured driving by members of one state, while in another state. 

What I think the OP is looking for is 365 day full comp Europe wide cover on a UK registered vehicle.  The vehicle is not, apparently, a motorhome, so if he wants 365 day cover I assume it may be because he does not, in fact, live in the UK (difficult physically to live here, and be absent 365/365?).  If this is correct, I think it will be at the root of his problem.  He seems to need the equivalent of "full timing" insurance.  He may get some assistance from firms listed here: http://tinyurl.com/4ntmm4k though I think they cater mainly for motorhomers, so have no idea how they will respond to a pick-up.

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It's my understanding also that the time limit statements can apply only to the parts of a policy over and above the legally required minimum.


The OP does state that he is a UK resident so it shouldn't be an insurmountable problem. He'll probably need to go to a specialist broker, a quick Google search for 'extended EU motor insurance' produced some leads.



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Insurance companies that offer motorhome insurance quite often allow full cover for long periods within the EU but that is because they know that MH owners will likely spend a lot of time abroad. But 365 cover for a pick up is  something of a rarity, I wonder what the OP is doing, he says he has UK residence status but is not British. One wonders why he doesn't insure it in his home country with cover for UK while he is in UK.
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