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limited ignition on Smev cooker


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Can anyone help ? The electronic ignition works perfectly on the grill & oven but there is no spark on any of the 4 hobs. However, they will light from a match. I am currently in Spain so it will not be easy to visit a service centre. Any experience & advice with this problem will be most welcome.
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Somewhere on or near the cooker will be a sealed plastic cased spark generator. Trace the thin wires from the burners back to locate the SG


Typically there will be eight connections. Two 12V input and six high voltage outputs with wires leading to the electrodes on the burners.


It sounds like the SG has two circuits and one serving the hob has failed and the whole unit will need to be replaced. About the £20- £30 mark.


In theory if the output wires to the hob are in a bundle they may have chafed and the sparks are escaping to earth . Its unlikely to happen.


There is a remote possibility the SG is dual powered 12V and 220V mains.

Read the SMEV manual to check.


Unless you feel competent to look at it yourself leave well alone and buy a box of matches or gas lighter from any dealer or local hardware shop (I belive the shops called a ferranta or similar in Spanish).

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