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Cooker Igniter.

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Might be something as simple as requiring a new battery for the spark module. WHere? no idea, but usually low down to avoid excessive heat.


You can also check the burners and spark probes to make sure done are damaged and shorting.

Hopefully someone will come along who knows more.


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If its affecting all burners then obviously its something common to them all so check the following


Replace ignition mudule battery (as previously suggested)

If its a push button switch check that its working

Check wiring / connections to and from switch

Check wiring / connection to and from module



If battery is good/new,wiring is sound and switch is working ok then your ignition module is faulty and only thing to do is replace it

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The oven and hob tend to be wired to a common spark module which may be powered from the leisure battery.


If the oven is sparking then I suggest that it will be either the switch on the hob or the wiring from the switch to the spark module.

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