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You love them or you hate them


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We first saw one when we were heading down the West coast of France in the late 70’s. At the time our kids thought it was great and added it to their eye spy activity. As we drove further south and into Spain we saw fewer and fewer, that was in our caravanning days. Three teenagers and us in a 10 foot Monza, must have been mad.


When we moved to a motorhome we saw lots more both in this Country and abroad but that’s true of a lot of things, the extra height does gives better visibility and you certainly see more of the Country from up their. Then for a long time we saw very few and felt quite disappointed, even rejected. It may have been our colour but we have never experienced any previous colour prejudice among motorhomers.


Now all is well we see plenty so perhaps it was our colour, a red panel van conversion can look like an ordinary commercial vehicle but now we are back in the fold and in a conventional white coach built.


So thanks for your waves is good to be back


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