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Vvirus scam alert from DHL Global


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I received an email this morning with an attachment re a parcel delivery to my home address. As I am in France still and have not ordered anything to be delivered (although waiting for a delivery in France) I was immediately suspicious and went on to the DHL website to check. I eventually found this notice:


Virus Alert


Important message to our customers about a known spam message and virus.


We are aware of a computer virus currently circulating through unsolicited emails claiming to be from DHL. These emails ask the recipient to open an attachment in connection with delivery of a parcel. Please be aware that it is not from a DHL company and the content is false.


If you have received this email, do not open the attachment as it contains a virus which may harm your computer.


We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Unfortunately, criminal activities are very difficult to stop, however, DHL works closely with law enforcement agencies to track and close down email accounts from which fraudulent emails are generated.


DHL encourages anyone who receives an unsolicited email appearing to be from DHL to question its integrity before opening any attachments or venturing into any further transactions.



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