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Depends on what you want to do with them ?? There are no limits to Forum members imaginations !


I have downloaded POIs (same as Pushpins) on Autoroute to show campsites, Superstore sites and similar , and places to vist. The latter are linked to .pdf files that I scan into the computer.


Route planning is a lot easier on Autoroute than a Satnav because you can click the route and drag the route to where you want it. ARoute will reroute and calculate the new route.


You can either tranasfer the route to the satnav by using ITN convert program and load it from the PC to some sat navs. I just create Favorites or POIs on the sat nav and load the route in sections.







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Not sure what you mean if you can create them you are using them, here are some basics.


Once you have created your pushpin in the text bubble you have a tile box and a data area to which you can type all the info you want, you can create as many pushpins as you want on a map.

When you click on a pushpin the text bubble will open showing the information.

When you save the map the push pins will save with it.


You can import data from Excel, Access & Outlook to create pushpins, I find it easier to do using a program "POI Coverter" using this program you can covert POI for Garmin, TomTom,Navman etc., to Autoroute pushpins and visa versa.

e.g. you have a set of POI for French Aires in TomTom format you can convert them to Autoroute format import them to a map and save the map with the pushpins.

To create a lot of your own pushpins do it in a spreadsheet and save as a CSV file then use POI Converter, you can import CSV files directly into Autoroute I find it more reliable to convert them first.


Hope this helps.


Someone will probably come along in a minute & tell you a totally different way of doing it there are various ways I've just outlined the basics.

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