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I feel you may have to defines the question a little further.


Yes, in general caravans in the UK market are larger than models of years gone by. This has been in the main due to the desire to have large washrooms attached to the end. Whether these are absolutely necessary is a matter fo choice, but sales indicate they are popular. However, many vans from the EU market are still similar in size and weight as previous, again I suspect due to their less inclination for large washrooms. In the UK campers stay inside their vans more often due to weather etc, while abroad they are more of the outdoor category, therefore the requirements are different.


In addition, many modern vans have fitments which many would describe as optional luxuries, while others demand them. Things such as built in microwaves, stereo systems, televisions etc all add weight and take up space. Therefore the weight has gone up, and so in turn a larger tow vehicle is required with 4x4 types gaining popularity, although here again, whether they are absolutely necessary is another matter.


You could state a similar thing has happened to cars etc. Compare a Mini of the 60's with the current crop of so called 'small cars' and it is dwarfed. Everything has become fatter and heavier, a bit like many of the owners I suppose.


Motorhomes have followed similar patterns although the small camper still has a following. But prices have rocketed in alkl categories almost to where they are the price of a house in days gone by.

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