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Emergency phone number in Spain

Don Madge

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At the MMM team get together at the Peterborough show the subject of being stopped by bogus policemen in unmarked cars particularly on the Madrid ring roads, north and south Barcelona and the Alicante region was aired by a MMM subscriber. I can't verify that these incidents have actually taken place. If you are travelling in these areas keep the following information in mind.


According to the Spanish authorities in all traffic related matters police officers will be in uniform. Unmarked vehicles will have a flashing electronic sign in the rear window stating "Policia" or "Guardia Civil" and normally have blue flashing lights incorporated into their headlights which are activated when the police stop you.


I posted the following some time ago and it won't do any harm to post it again. I've amended the original post after checking the details in the Caravan Club, Caravan Europe 1 2011 edition.


"The Spanish police have set up an emergency phone number (902-10-21-12) with English

speaking staff for tourists offering round the clock assistance.


An English speaking operator will take a statement about the incident, translate it into Spanish and transmit it to the nearest police station. You will still have to report in person to a police station if you have an accident or have been robbed or swindled. The help line operator will give you the details of the nearest police station."


It would be very interesting to hear from anybody who has been "Pulled" by the bogus police.


Safe travelling.




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Thank you, just off to Spain,


we have laminated signs in spanish to show if we are pulled over by someone looking like police but not, we have USB sticks with copies of documents, a false purse to hand over if pushed. going to add this little bit of advice to the store, also trying to remember 112 as the number instead of 999.


Pleased to say we are very excited and looking forward to the country not going to let the few spoil it for us.

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The good news is that the number of crimes reported by foreigners (tourists, plus ex-pat non Spanish speakers from UK, France, Germany, Italy, Scandinavian countries etc) via this nationally available number fell by 16.5% in 2010 compared to 2009.


The press report that the total number of crimes against foreigners in Spain in 2010 was 22.5 % lower than the average for all European countries.


Of course even one crime is too many, and such stats can only be a general guide, but I hope people will find some reassurance in these numbers.




The report (in Spanish) is here:



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