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Just had a fantastic weekend at Peterborough..Excellent entertainment..First saw Marty Wild at Doncaster 54 years ago..he kissed my Missus then..and did it again this week end..I intend to ask Ossie Osburn if there is something going on there?

I spent the first 2 days believing i was at Crufts..then told it was Le mans...Wife got brought to the ground..Dog went one side and Wheel Chair tother which resulted in many bruises as the lead whipped her feet away from her.Still great weekend..the week after our 50th Wedding anni..Looking forwarward to Oz later ..about August.. may sell the van and never come back???

This year is my last of `Motorhoming`[ the bug started in the early 70s] Met some fantastic people..had some great times..but ..first time at Crufts,,never won a thing,

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