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Fire Extinguisher


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Does size matter to anyone other than what you feel comfortable with.

Our 1kg Dry Powder which looks a bit small, although appears to be a familiar fitment,

is out-of-date and was wondering what other’s have or prefer.

Also, is there any regulations EU or otherwise we should know about.

(Have fire blanket and detectors)


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Dry powder extinguishers make a dreadful mess & you'll spend ages cleaning up afterwards. I keep a fire blanket and CO2 extinguisher in the motorhome. Bear in mind that a CO2 extinguisher is exhausted very quickly in use, so get close & keep low to a fire to use the extinguisher effectively. The fire blanket is probably the most useful bit of firefighting kit to have.

Dry powder extinguishers usually 'settle' after time, so give it a good bang on the floor/ground before use to loosen up the powder to help the flow.

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A useful site here regarding Fire Safety:-


Although it doesn’t mention a Fire Blanket, as Bob says they are useful additional bit of kit.

One of the best prices I’ve come across for a 2kg Dry Powder extinguisher (cheaper than many 600gm which tend to have a short life span)


or 1kg


Also because they have a Gauge you don’t have to remember what date they expire.

Dry Powder, although messy (especially on an engine fire under the bonnet) are IMO the most suitable for a Motorhome.

Types of fire include Class A (wood, paper, cloth, etc), B (flammable liquids), C (gas - but never put out a gas fire if the gas cannot then be turned off) and safe around live electrical equipment.


They also have competitive Fire Blankets.


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