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Happy Easter


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Yes happy Easter to all - tho the BBC TV News has just reported the A303 blocked at Andover by an overturned caravan 8-) :-( .


And Radio 2 travel news yesterday reported two other overturned caravans :-S


So sadly that is three holidays ruined - not to mention the disruption to everyone else.


Also BBC Breakfast has reports from a CC club in the Lake District - looks really good and nice to see very positive coverage. I think they said caravanning and camping is up 11% this year.


Maybe we should all make sure we load our "sheds" properly and tow with the greatest of care.


The caravans I saw yesterday (I was out and about all day) were all being towed well and certainly looked well balanced - but I have seen some truly lunatic towing on the M27/A31/south coast roads.


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