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Nowt to do with Motorhomes but??


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Gordon Bennet..Henry cooper has gone??This may be the wrong place to note that Henry has passed on..but who cares?? Watching Marty Wild at Peterborough..and his final lament..about how we "oldies" had seen some of the greatest???We have

He {Marty] listed many greats who had gone..and how "we" the older generation had been lucky enough to see many superb artists in our time..can I add Henry to that list??.Not the greatest..I was near to the action when he knocked down Clay..the mouth beat the count easily..shenaigans..ripped glove..but only one winner.Henry..despite the nations hopes..was well beaten by a young Bugner.{we willed him on..but the young guy tied him up/negated his attack and won a deserved victory despite "our" indignation..our Henry.

RIP Henry..sod the Brut!!

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