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full timing


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Guest JudgeMental

Try using the search function for past threads...Not many on this forum.


I think there is a dedicated fulltiming one and MHFun & MHFacts have a lot more on this......


It is worth keeping a toe hold in some sort of property? what if one of you dies or becomes seriously/terminally ill....Life on the road may not seem so wonderful then.

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As judge says don't sell your house at least until you are sure that you will like motorhomeing enough to want to do it full time.

Romantic as it may seem it most certainly is not for everyone, we spend two three month spells away from the UK in our caravan each year but not really wanting to do any longer spells than that.


Consider renting a motorhome to try it out first


Good luck

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I do hope you like each other, its one hell of a long time in a small space, and note well, one good accident from anothers foolish error could demolish your home for ever, its very fragile.


It also can become worn out and tatty in a short time, not like a house that can improve with age..





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