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Taking M'home to Glastonbury 2011


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We're taking the Motorhome to Glastonbury for the first time this year.


Anybody else doing the same ?


We've taking M/H to Isle of Wight festival for the past 2 years and also

to the Rewind Festival in Henley.


Just over a month to go and we can't wait.


Andy & Clare


:D :D

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Yeah,we've gone all soft,ditched the tent and have taken the M/H for the last three years.. .. :D


Which side are you in?(East or West)..if you're in East, try and aim for the area nearest to the top of the hill(field E20s on their map),it's usually "family" so aim for that if they ask(..or if some vehicles in front of you have been sent that way,say that you're with them! ;-) )


If you're not careful they will direct you out to the right and you end up out in the sticks(in E"teens").


(..if you look on map on their website you will see where the lane splits..)


Of cause,if you're over in West,ignore the above ramblings... ;-)


I would make sure you take plenty of water(even extra containers)as the supply to the fields can sometimes be a bit hit and miss...


Take some boards to park up on,incase the weather turns on us... ;-)


The one real negative side of staying in the campervan fields,is that you have to "leave the site" when you go back to the van and this entails a full ticket scan each time,going out as well as in..a bit of a pain but if you take plenty of "provisions" in with you and use the Lock-ups,it save having to return to base..


We'll bedown there from midday on the tuesday..



(..give us a shout if you'd like more info' ;-) )

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Cheers for the reply.


I think we're in the West field.


We are arriving on the Wednesday by about noon.


Our M/H (Elddis) only has a 45 ltr cold tank & 10 ltr in the truma heater'

We'll fill up prior to leaving our storage yard and take a couple of "Jerry Cans"

as well.


Didn't realise that you had to get scanned each time you go in.


Daily plan is get up late, big brunch, hit the music, then late night.


Off to Padstow after the festival.





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...sshh..you never know who's listening...and besides,if it isn't buried somewhere within the fence by now,you'd struggle to get it in...

(..I am joking by they way..before someone gets all offended :-) )



..if you're over in West(W61/62)getting in and out will be a lot easier as it has it's own gate.

Where as East side enters through a general carpark gate and also as there's more 'vans over that side,at times it can get really busy.

We toyed with getting a West ticket but the areas/stuff we prefer is mostly to the East of the site..


I'm sure you'll enjoy it!...

Oh!..and if this is your first time there,it is HUGE... :-)


Just seen your post..make sure you checkout the Pennards Organic Wine tent..it's usually on pathway from Avalon Cafe,through to greenpeace field(..I think?)..meads,Strawberry wines etc..not cheap but potent stuff! ;-)

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Thanks for that info about Glastonbury.

Can you take drinks and sandwiches and a stool in thro the gate from the camper field?

It is my 1st visit to the festival as well. Also is it easy to empty elsan and how close to the stages can you get?

Richard ;-)

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Just found out we're in the East field.


Glasto is ok about taking your own cans etc into the arenas, but no glass on site.


Normally empty the M/H Khazi into the on site porta loos.


Never bother taking camping chairs into the arena as they get in the way and can be

quite dangerous to crowds.


You can get as close to the front as you dare, but beware of liquids being thrown by a deprived minority We always wear brimmed hatsat festivals


Can't wait.


Andy & Clare

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