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Clermont Ferrand, France

Keith T

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I can't help with your post but as we are travelling down to the Med Coast of France September-October anything you find worthwhile visiting or staying at I would be interested in hearing about.

We spent 4 weeks in April/May this year travelling down to South West France and we realised we have not even scratched the surface of places to see. Probably the most stunning place we came across was Rocamadour which Is well worth a visit or an over night stay. Google it and you will see why.


Our main stop overs where.

Le L' isle aux Moulins, Jargeau,

La Garenne, Equzon

Des iles Beaulieu-sur Dordogne

La tour des Prises, Ile de Re,

De l'lle des Trios Rois, Les Andelys

Les Bein Assise, Guines


All accepted ACSI Card


They were all good and chosen for having towns or amenities within walking/cycling distance


If you want more info on any of them let me know I would be pleased to oblige.





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I know it's probably a bit late but this may help others travelling en-route to the South.

We lived in the area for a couple of years and I can recommend a good area about 30 minutes by train and 15/20 by car from Clermont-Ferrand. It's called Issoire. There is a campsite-


If public transport isn't absolutely necessary then you might consider a beautiful area inside the Volcanic Regional Park called Saint Nectaire, about 35/40 minutes from CF , with a wonderful 12th Century Romanesque Church and a few bars/restaurants and even a cheese museum! (It's famous for it's cheese!) It has two campsites. It has some wonderful scenery and several lakes nearby, such as Lac d'Aydat, Lac Chambon (which has a campsite) and the circular Lac Pavin which is near the mediaeval town of Besse, at the foot of The Sancy mountain where there is a great ski resort called Super besse.

So much to see and do, it's probably worth a trip on it's own :-D

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