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Fiat Ducato - how to get a clear view through the driver's mirror

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I have just purchased an Adria Matrix which has a Fiat Ducato base vehicle. Whilst the co-pilot and myself were congratulating ourselves on the quietness of the cab I began to notice that the side window vertical metal bar blocks a full view of the driver's mirror. Surely, I thought, this cannot be right so moved the mirror housing forward to get a clear view - but no the wind moved the mirror back to its default position.

No amount of mirrror twiddling or seat moving (within the limits of sensible positioning) resolves the blind spot matter.


So - how do others resolve what must be a common problem with the Ducato cab window structure?

Extra mirror on top of the main mirror perhaps?


Any fixes that really work would be appreciated.


Otherwise - strongly recommend the Adria Matrix - even after only one weekend recovering from the experience of shelling out hard earned cash to those nice people at Chelstons.

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Hi Ian. On some mirrors you can reset the default position. You have to peel back the rubber to see if there is any adjustment there. If not, it may be that the mirror has been replaced at some time with the wrong one. They are available with different length and angle arms.

Brian B.

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It may sound incredible but it is not that rare for the wrong mirror to be fitted for the vehicle. I and a number of other m/homers have had this problem. Usually though, it is the near side mirror and not the drivers side. There is quite a variation in the types of mirror available for RHD and LHD vehicles.


My last van, an Elddis coachbuilt (RHD) was found to have a nearside mirror belonging to a LHD (drivers mirror) and was impossible to set up correctly. Peugeot did not want to know apart from telling me to take it back to where it had its Pre Delivery Inspection. This dealer changed it FOC but it was a round trip of nearly 200 miles. :'( . There is a Peugeot main dealer 5 minutes walk from my house. 8-)


My advice is to take it to an Adria motorhome dealership and compare like for like, that is how I discovered the problem with mine.


BTW, my Burstner nearside mirror is possibly not correct either but it is near enough. :-D

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