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'Green' Spain recommendations please?


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We're going to be spending a few weeks mooching around Northern Spain shortly and its an area that we haven't visited in our motorhome before. Our plans are to take in Galicia and the Asturias mainly.


We have quite a few aires in mind but always like to go on recommendations so would really appreciate hearing about some good village or rural aires or even campsites as we will need to stay at a few to make use of their laundry facilities from time to time.


The village and rural settings are preferential because we will have our dog with us and want to make use of any walking opportunities.


Many thanks in advance. :-)

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We worked our way along the northern Spanish coast in June 2007 and had an abssolutely delightful time. Parking overnight was easy and didnt use any sites. On your way in to Asturias suggest you visit the Picos d'Europa go inland to Potes and then take the road into the hills to Fuente De. The cable car up is well worth it if the eweather is right and you can park overnight in the car park.

Some of our stops and where we have them associated GPS co-ords

Suances 43.435294 -4.044668

Playa Oyambre Cantabria

Playa La Franca

Fuente De 43.157198 -4.66371

off N625 \Covadonga Mountains 43.017888 -5.034403

Toro Playa, Llanes 43.416265 -4.745328

Vega Playa 43.456783 -4.937765

Cabo Vidio 43.478823 -5.133395

Lago Beach Galicia

Cedeira Port Galicia 43.65951 -8.05144

St Adrian

Cabo Vilan 43.159661 -9.210894

Leis Beach

Cabo Tourinan -9.2977800,43.0534620,

Porto Pindo 42.898465 -9.134408

Punta Loura 42.75785 -9.11101

Porto de Son 42.72484 -9.00455

beach s of Xuno 42.63961 -9.02325

Illa de Arousa 42.54563 -8.864915

Aldan Harbour 42.28316 -8.821905

Cabo de Home 42.25221 -8.86316

Monastry de Oia 42.00255 -8.8765

Camposancos 41.88457 -8.86627

Guilheta 41.608458 -8.805391


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Hi neil, we did two fantastic walks in the picos europers, one was through the Cares gorge it ends at a small village for refreshments before returning the same way.You do need a head for heights!

the other walk from the same starting place takes you up to a s mall hamlet called Bulnes ,there's a bar their thats supplied twice a day by a man with a donkey .there are no roads for accsess"brilliant:

Baz :-D

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Guest JudgeMental
Did same sort of thing as Ian a while back, and down west coast of Portugal which deteriorates (more commercial) as you head south. Highlights where camping up on the Pico's mountains with the cows waking you up with their bells in the morning...Plus enormous plates of wonderful fresh sardines and languistines in Galicia :-D
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Just a quick note while we have some wifi....


Thanks to all who offered recommendations for our trip, we're 3 weeks into it now and have covered a lot of the Galician and Asturian coastlines.


Using Aires, following tips and searching out our own wildcamping we've stayed in some lovely places, just a few pics from some of the locations.
















A fantastic part of Spain and very tolerant of (sensible) wildcamping, or should that really be wildparking?


We've kept up our 'Motorhoming with NEILMAC' blog where wifi has allowed and otherwise kept in touch with folks via our Kindle.


Off up into the Picos de Europa tomorrow.....

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Hiya sooty! All 3 of us are having a ball on this trip thanks :)


The new stopovers won't be uploaded onto Club Motorhome until we get home in a couple of weeks -too much webmastering for the odd wifi and certainly the Kindle!


And hopefully there's more to come yet ;)

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