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German stellplatz


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Robinhood - 2011-05-15 6:14 PM


If you go to




....then click on KMZ (Google Earth) in the RH panel, you'll get a download, which if double clicked, opens in Google Earth (if you have it installed) with all the Stellplatze.


That's brilliant. It covers far more than Germany, too. Thanks.


Also, if you click on the "Navi-Download" button, you can get them as POIs for TomTom, Garmin and other satnavs.

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Yes, it's a great resource for both "aire"-type Stellplatze and good value campsites. When we toured central Europe in 2009, we took both the Bordatlas volumes and the Caravan Club book - guess which we found most useful? Every time we tried a site from the CC book, it was either closed or very expensive. The Bordatlas came up trumps every time - and the POIs were really useful too.
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