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Upgrade to 3850 kgs

Guest peter

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Guest peter

Our recently bought Le Voyager on the Merc' 315 cdi is currently plated at 3500 kgs, but in the bag of documents I found a letter from sv tech to the previous owner with all the essentials to have it re-plated to 3850 kgs (new vin plate and printed copy to send to dvla).

I am tempted to do it, but would like the views of you knowledgeable chaps as to the pro's and con's of going ahead. I already know of the bigger payload, driving licence and reduced road fund licence bits. But there will no doubt be lots of others. The current payload is about 360 kgs, which is not a lot.

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I'd put the vehicle on a weighbridge first.


Whilst it would appear you may get (up to) 350kg extra payload, the actual practical (and legal) value will be decided by how much leeway you currently have on axle weights (particularly the rear one).


If you are pretty close to the limit already, the value of uprating is pretty dubious.


The (general) upsides are:


- a potential increase in legal payload

- reduced VED in the UK (at least currently - I can't help but think they'll catch up on this some day).


The downsides are:


- driving licence issues; (if you don't have "grandfather rights", and potentially also at age 70)

- roads with weight restrictions

- speed limits; (reduced abroad only, the "paper exercise" won't currently change the speed-limit status for the UK)

- tolls; higher in many EU states, and subject to Go-Box in Austria

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