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2012 Adria


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Was in Poitiers today at an expo and noticed that Adria have built a 2012 Matrix on a new shape Renault chassis. Don't know if it's going to be the norm with Adria as I couldn't find any sales staff to ask....it was lunch time after all :-D Maybe they will be the main competition for Fiat..
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If you subscribe to the free O&ALive e-newsletter you'd have got an email a couple of days ago about the new Adria with a link to this page:


Adria Matrix


I wonder if they'll be pressurised by Keanu Reeves to change the name!!!! :D


Having looked at the write-up, I'm not a fan of the interior - the colour scheme reminds me of some expensive HP furniture my sister bought in the 70s - two tone glossy - so its making a come back!


As for the kitchen sink - you could take a bath in it!!!


Externally, it looks like the designer couldn't make his/her mind up whether to have a curvy roof, or a straight one, the 'balance' just doesn't look right to me.


On the whole it isn't bad though, but needless to say I won't be forking out for one and I hate to think what price it will be.

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