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OK, this is not specifically about motorhomes, but it does cover something which could apply to all Forum users.


I have a laptop which is used to keep in touch when motorhoming abroad. Last year the original battery failed and so I ordered a replacement from http://www.pcbattery.co.uk for £32-40


I am normally very carefull about ordering anything on-line, I insist on the company being a UK based business and it must have both a UK telephone number and a UK address. On his occasion, I was careless and was seduced by the appearance of the website and I did not notice the absence of the UK details. I ordered a replacement battery from them and paid by PayPal.


The battery arrived from China and within 8 weeks it totally failed. I asked for a replacement, they asked me to return the battery (to China). I returned the battery (cost £7+), they eventually replied saying that they had no more and that they would refund me £10-40, this being what was left over after they had applied, 'handling charges'


The moral of this story is to only order from UK based companies, make sure that they have both UK telephone numbers and a visitable UK address (no Box Nos).


Caveat Emptor!

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Guest Peter James

Sorry to hear that.


But I have ordered LED lights etc direct from Hong Kong, (via ebay using sellers with good feedback) about 12 times and got a bargain every time.

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I also have good experiences ordering from China, but I am sure you are right that there are bad traders there as well, but there are here as well.


I expect many of the batteries sold by UK traders are sourced in China, etc. anyway.


Paypal indeed usually takes a buyers perspective and might well help you. Make sure all communication goes through Ebay messages, not normal email, as they won't know what has gone before.



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