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European head lamp change to Uk type

Linda Quinn

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The pictures I can find of similar vehicles are a little too indistinct to tell for sure, but it looks as though it may have the individual Hella headlamp units.


If so, you might be lucky.


There would normally be a full-beam unit, most likely with a "marker" or side light incorporated, and a dip beam unit, on each side.


The dip beam unit, which is the one for which the pattern matters, can usually be changed from LH to RH usage and vice versa, by rotating the unit in its mounting. Whilst I know this adjusts the UK beam to one that is acceptable on the continent, I'm only assuming that the adjustment the other way would give an acceptable UK beam - but I would be pretty sure it would. (The part numbers for LH drive and RH drive are different, so the adjustment just might be different).


If you check, and the lights appear to be of this type, then I can point you to a further set of posts with quite some detail on how to adjust.

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See the previous thread (about a Rapido with similar units):




The link to motorhomefacts takes some reading, but it has pictures and quite a bit of detail.


As already noted, this is to adjust UK headlights to EU, I'm hoping that by reversing it for EU spec units it will meet your requirements.

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