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cherokee versus dakota


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Both great vehicles

Cherokee has a larger lounge area and a smallish toilet/shower compartment.

Dakota has a small lounge area and a quite large toilet/shower area at the rear.

Cherokee is 4" shorter and has 10kg extra payload.

Both come as hi line or lo line as no cost options. Other than that it is down to personal use

Will you be spending a lot of time in the van during the day/evening? If so, large lounged Cherokee is the one.

If you want to shower in luxury then it's the Dakota.

The Dakota in this 2011 model is very new with the rear shower set up. The Cherokee is very similar to the old (pre 2011) Dakota.

Whichever model you choose, enjoy it and don't forget to take up your invitation to join the owners club, it's FREE for the 1 st year (assuming you are buying a brand new van!) Ad ends!

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Good question. simple answer, I do not know for sure!

I would guess they are about the same. Both have permanent beds, so loads of storage under there. The lounge seats on the Cherokee are slightly longer, so maybe a bit more storage there?

Pop down to a dealer and compare both.


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We looked at the new vans, but settled for on older Dakota beautiful van, why the older because it had the fire in it and not the blow air heating, blow air is ok for 2-3 days in the colder weather but longer with out electric the batteries won't last.


You might always camp with electric so it is not a problem but something worth bearing in mind.


Also belong to the owners club a good choice to make.



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we went for the cherokee the bath room is a bit of a squeeze but we dont spend to much time in there anyway.loads of storage space wth extra wardrobes also had the half dinette with extra seat belts well worth the money also came with suprise chassis upgrade to 4250kg 6mths old now and well pleased with it

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