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Beware the food police


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Just picked this bizarre item.




It reminds me of an incident on our last trip. I didn't post it because I didn't think it would be believed.


Last August Bank Holiday monday were going through port of Dover and were called into Security. The lady wanted to see our cutlery. When we opened the side door to give access, the words rat and drainpipe came to mind. She was very worried that we had sharp knives in the van, doh! She then explained that these could be used as weapons. The fact that the awning pegs, metal with points, were also in the van didn't seem to matter, nor did the gas cylinders or anything else.


I'm just relieved she didn't find the wok chopper which was in its box in another location.


I know you're struggling to believe this but I promise it's true. We were allowed on our way to check-in and we wondered if it was a surreal dream.



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It does not surprise me at all - sadly.


It just shows that those who make the rules can be total idiots. Most breakfast cerials have vitamins added because the underlying crunchybit is a waste product of another product. As such cornflakes, as the classic example have such little nutritional value that if it were not for the vitamins sprayed on them, you would be better off eating the packet they come in.



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Things are not quite as they seem as it was stated on the radio around midday that the Danes have not banned Marmite but a shop was illegally importing it to sell, apparently you need to have a license to sell certain imported products in Denmark and the shop had not applied for one and Unilever had not applied for a 'blanket' license to provide the product in that country.


So yet another media 'blown out of proportion' subject, theres a suprise hey ho.



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