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I bought a second hand Autocruise two and a half years ago and have NO faults or problems whatsoever for over a year.


Glad I bought a used Autocruise (pre Swift) and saved all that cash!

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You say faults, but how do you define faults?


Are we talking half a day back in the workshop or an odd screw loose, bit of filler missing, hinge not tight enough or just a complete and utter shed?


Before you say there should be zero faults on any new van, (heaven forbid on a Hymer), well that's tough, because like it or not, a fault free van doesn't exist.


Our 8 year old Auto Sleeper bought new got close, I didn't need to take it back once in it's warranty period, but it came with a couple of bits that needed 10 minutes with a screwdriver.


Some folk will look for summat wrong even when there's buggerall wrong, just so as to moan - not that I'm saying your mate is doing that of course.


Welcome to the Forum by the way :-D



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drainman - 2011-05-27 7:56 PM My cousin baught a brand new Hymer last year at the Dusseldorf show and has had 23 faults so far glad i have a Chausson :-D

4 years ago I bought a Chausson Flash and sold it not long after (before it fell apart completely) faults ranged from the shower tray which always leaked onto the bedroom area, the b....y awful eberspatcher heating which was digital either freezing or boiling, the habitation door which no amount of adjustment could be made to fit, the trim and stickybacked plastic which seemed to come unfixed overnight, the bed slats that broke....these are not quibbles they are bona fide Quality issues, alright we were full timing but can you perhaps understand why I bought an ancient Hymer (Built like a brick outside toilet) when I felt the need to go motor homing again?

Mind you If I had paid around £100,000 for a van I think I might be a tad picky too. 

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