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Hi Ron, and welcome to the friendly forum - well generally!


A CL - certificated location - is a small maximum 5 unit mini site licensed by the Caravan Club under an exemption from planning regulations given by the government to certain organisations. These CLs for use by it's own members only. No doubt an expert will soon correct me but I believe that the Caravan Club do not allow the rabble in tents to join thier club or use their sites except for a 'pup' tent for kids.


The Motor Caravan Club also use the same CL terminology but I seem to recall that their CLs may be available for non members and any form of camping to use subject to the owners approval?


A CS - certificated site - is the same thing licensed by the Camping and Caravanning Club who are happy for all forms of camper to use their site and join their club. I understand that many CS sites are allowed more than 5 units if the extra are tents only - but again I am unsure?


The Caravan Club - often known as CC, The Camping and Caravanning Club - often known as CCC, and the Motor Caravanners Club - often known as MCC also organise weekend meets - also know as rallies, and longer period temporary holiday sites for their own members to enjoy. These generally are very basic in nature and sometimes nothing more than a field and with a nearby tap and are much more suitable for units with their own full facilities. Nevertheless they do provide cost effective and generally friendly holidays.


You do not normally need to pre book any of these other than with the CC - or it used to be that way - it may have changed but I doubt it?


The best club for you would seem to be the CCC - Camping and Caravanning Club if you want to join like minded people - or you could simply buy a sites book or two and do your own thing.


Does that help?

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