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CP250 canister powered lantern..?


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As I always seem to have loads of the "suitcase stove" canisters,I'm now trying to find a gas lantern which could also use them..

I've come across this:


(sorry about the long link! :$ )


..which mentions Gelert adapter GAS068 :



..but I'm unsure as to just how the adapter would "latch" onto the self-sealing/non screw type canisters?


Has anyone come across these?


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Well,I don't supose too many are interested( ;-) )..but I ended up with one of these off ebay:




..it came from Capstone Campers,Gillingham(01634 827220)..and it adapts our cheapie "suitcase stove" canisters to fit the screw-thread type appliances...and it does actually work... ;-)

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