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police fine cyclist for riding outside bike lane...

Guest JudgeMental

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Well he certainly has a point!


And I am not a fan of some cyclists who flout the law. Yet again this last weekend we had some sort of speed trial by cyclists on our local roads. because they are trying to get good times they were riding without proper care and attention.


Time trials in cars or motorbikes is against the law on the roads - why is it legal for cyclists?


We do need more cycle lanes as I ride a bike myself and enjoy it. And if that cycle lane is blocked then those blocking it should be fined. Crossing the road in most urban areas is a nightmare when the cyclists get aggressive. Only last week a cyclist in Brighton was jailed for 18 months (Yes - just 18 months!) for hitting and killing a guy who inadvertently opened his car door in front of a group of cyclists.




And whilst this idiot seemed to have mental problems - Other cyclists have done similar and got even lower sentences:-




Seems that whilst many cyclists think they are above the law - the good old court in Dorchester trawled back to the days before the Internal Combustion Engine and found that cyclists can be found guilty of "Wanton and Furious Driving".


Good for Dorchester - but very sad for the 84 year old guy sent flying by an ignorant prat.


One cyclist who actually shouted "I am not stopping" and deliberately road into a teenager escaped jail and just got a fine!






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I used to drive for a living in Barnstaple and North Devon, one of the standing jokes was that the only place you wouldnt see a bike was in a bike lane.........Wrong way down a one way street, on the footpath, three abreast on the minor roads, straight over the lights ....  they're all colour blind as well as suicidal.
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My mate ..... tattoos, piercings, mohican was stopped for riding his bike the wrong way down a one-way street. His excuse was that he couldn't read or write, so the police went to a lot of effort to draw diagrams of various road signs, before sending him on his way.


Er .... my mate was a sergeant in the army (demolition specialist) has a degree, and is now manager of a Social Services department. He can also "think on his feet" :-D



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