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We are quite new to caravaning, we have a Bailey Colorado on a seasonal pitch, we love it. Unfortunately it has been fire damaged by a caravan next to ours catching a light. We were not insured at the time as we did not know we required the CHRIS number to complete our insurance application and while we were in the process of arranging a visit to the van it was damaged ( a lesson to us all) The van is a right off due to the fact it would cost more to repair than it is actually worth, though we can still use it. We are unable to claim off the other persons insurance as negligence has to be proved ( a stipulation in their 3rd party liability insurance) and they are not willing to admit that, so we are left with a van that is now worthless.

Does anyone know of a good caravan breaker where I might purchase some windows ( cost new over £1500) renewing the windows would then make it water tight.

Also does anyone know of regulations or a code of practice for the use of a fridge and gas bottle that is used externally to the caravan housed in a trailer, this is where we suspect the fire started.


Many thanks :-(

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I am very sorry to hear of your misfortune. To lose a valuable asset without any fault of your own has to be very frustrating. However, if you can still use the van then I assume the damage is not so serious. Windows could be difficult to find unless you are lucky and a simlar model is available. Try searching caravan breakers. Replacement windows are available but as you have mentioned, are expensive per se. Are the originals cracked or completely gone, if the latter are you sure the van is still useable? O'Leary's also offer a large quantity of spare parts but the prices may be higher than you would prefer.





Did the Fire brigade attend the fire and if so, they must have a report on the incident which will indicate the source of the fire. That may assist you inclaiming against the other party. Also did anyone witness the fire and statements as to how it started may also help you.


It is unfortunate you had not managed to get insurance arranged but hindsight will tell you that you can get cover without having the Cris number as a temporay affair, and then sort it out later. However, it is not my intention to add to your woes.

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