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A Battery Charging Conundrum?


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I hope this little lot makes sense!?!


We have a 2007 Adria Twin with an Electrobloc system.

I want to change the existing single gel leisure battery for two higher capacity lead/acid batteries.

Ah thinks I, does the Electrobloc also charge the vehicle battery when on hook-up – if so then that must also be gel (different charging regimes for different types of batteries) and I will need to change that one to lead/acid as well – off to investigate.


The Electrobloc is switched to gel at the moment, I realise I will have to change this to lead/acid if I change the batteries.



The leisure gel battery is charged by both the alternator and hook-up at over 14v – checked with meter - so far so good.


The existing vehicle battery is lead/acid (the electrolyte moves if I shake the ‘van!!) and is charged by the alternator at over 14v – again ok.


However and this is my conundrum. With the engine off and the ‘van on hook-up the vehicle (lead/acid) battery rises to and stabilises at 13.21v after about an hour. The voltage immediately drops if I disconnect the hook-up, so it must be being charged by the Electrobloc, albeit at a reduced rate.



Am I fundamentally wrong in my identification of the vehicle battery as lead/acid? (i.e. because the electrolyte is liquid). It’s marked Unipart Calcium Grid Technology.

Is my thought that the different types of batteries must have different charging regimes correct?

Am I simply seeing a problem/conundrum where there isn’t one?

Do I have a fault? (I'm not aware of any problems).


Thanks Cattwg :-D

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I think from your description that your vehicle battery is wet (i.e. not gel).


I'm not familiar with the Schaudt Electoblock system, but my suspicion would be that, much like some other similar systems, the charging circuit to the vehicle battery is separate, and provides a simple "trickle charge" at relatively low amperage, and a fixed voltage (it being designed simply to keep the vehicle battery "topped up", rather than the full recharge capability of the leisure battery circuit which will have a tailored recharging cycle at varying volt/amp ratings in the cycle).

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You are correct the vehicle battery is a standard wet cell.


The Elektroblock has a 2 stage charger for the leisure battery the initial charge will take the battery up to 14.3 v (max current 18 A) then reduce to a 13.8 v float charge. The gel setting will once 14.3 v is reached maintain a constant voltage of 14.3 volts for 8 hours before dropping to the float charge of 13.8 v, in lead acid setting is will drop to the float charge after 1 hour.


The Elektroblock has a separate charging circuit for the engine battery which is a trickle charger with a max charge rate of either 6 or 8 Amps depending on the model. No mention is made in the instructions to the type of engine battery but it is safe to assume that it is set up for wet cells (lead/acid) I've never hear of a commercial van (which a Motorhome base is) supplied with a gel battery.

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The leisure battery is charged at up to 18 amps and 14.6 volts, whereas the vehicle battery is only receiving a float charge maximum 2 amps at something over 13 volts.


Therefore there is no need to change the settings for different types of starter battery, as it is only getting a low rate of charge.


I presume you have a Schaudt electroblock as I do and the above figures come from the user manual. It is only a switch mode charger which needs a different charging regime for gel or lead acid batteries and that seems to only apply to the leisure battery.


Edit: Ah Lenny got there before me

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Brambles - 2011-06-21 3:43 PM


I think the server must be playing up, I looked at this thread and were no replies,. I wrote a quick one and there was a response, then I edited and other responses appeared and not in order either -- very strange goings on.


Defiantly, not had any email notifications today.

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Thank you to everyone for the very helpful replies to my Battery Conundrum post.

I can now go ahead and replace my gel leisure battery with confidence. Not forgetting to switch the Elektroblok from gel to lead/acid of course!!

Cattwg :-D

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