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Lay-by and Car Park


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Here are two of my English favourites. One is a genuine car park owned by a wildlife trust to which those interested are invited to spend time amongst nature. I've regularly heard nightingales and seen nightjars here.

The other is a genuine lay-by on a genuine public road in which I parked from about 7.00pm to 9.30am the following day. No cars came by at all. I did see a birdwatcher with his binoculars, but he was quiet.

It's pretty clear from other threads some think it's all trunk roads and supermarkets - hope this helps.



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Guest Tracker

Exactly the sort of location we would add to our list of good overnighters, but I would no more ask you where they are than tell you where our favourites are - or else they would all be over run and we would then have to find ourselves some nice quiet new ones all over again!


Take only photos and leave only footprints - and tyre tracks!

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