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big olga

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Hi, All, My Motorhome is due it,s M.O.T. The letter from the government run mot centre states that my Motorhome is a CAR "Big Olga" is 2.600kg with max 2.800kg.


when I was booking the test I was told the van would go through lane 4 [for cars].

I mentioned in passing that the vechicle is a motorhome---- I was then told that I would have to use lane one[ hgv,s ]

Question; as the V5 states that the vechicle is a motorhome why do they call it a CAR!


Best Wishes Dave and "Big Olga"

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When I took my Citroen Relay SWB panel van conversion to the main dealer for it's first MOT, the tester went by the plated weight and issued a Class V11 MOT.


The following year I went back for it's second MOT, and showed them the V5 Motor Caravan classification and pointed out it should come under Class 4 for the MOT.


He shrugged his shoulders and said it doesn't make any difference as although there's a small difference in price between Class 4 and V11, they don't charge the full price for the MOT anyway.



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