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Sky Representative Scam


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On the 9th July 2011 we had a Sky representative visit our home who provided us with information re an upgrade HD and convert our existing BT internet access to Sky Broadband Unlimited and Sky Talk Calls Unlimited. He quoted a total cost of £52 and this was set out in the Customer Service Checklist. We paid an immediate £15.00 for “self install” which was also itemised on the checklist.


Within two days we received the new Sky HD box, however, today, ten days later we had still not heard anything re the Broadband and so today (19th July) I rang BT our existing supplier of Broadband who stated that they had heard nothing.


I then went to our file and retrieved the Sku Customer Service Checklist and rang the Customer Services number 0844 241 4141 as listed on the top page. Now the document was handed back to us with this page uppermost by the Sky representative, as he made reference to the service numbers as he was leaving. Today when speaking to Sky, as I turned to the under page where the details are collated, I realised that a section on the form had been crossed out. To say I was unpleasantly surprised at this is an understatement. It was clear at once on seeing this that an underhand practice had taken place and we had been stupid and not spotted it at the time.


The Sky representative stated that we would receive:-


• New Sky HD Box for a £15.00 self installation fee

• Phone transfer from BT to Sky

• Sky Broadband Unlimited

• Sky Talk Calls Unlimited


All for the total monthly cost of £52 plus the one off self-installation fee of £15 paid that day.


And indeed you can see where the relevant boxes have been ticked on the order form confirming this. However, at some point the representative must have placed a cross on the two sections between the equipment and installation cost box section and the Total Cost section.


I categorically state that this cross/deletion of two sections of the order form was not present when I checked and signed the application document.


When we contacted Sky today they stated that no telephone or broadband order was listed!


I complained and was then put through to a guy who confirmed this and when I said I wished to complain, he stated that it had to be in writing with a copy of the order sheet – which we have now sent. He also confirmed that the above package was not available for £52 but was available for £59.50 and that I could agree to this today if I signed up again!!!!. I declined.


I am concerned that the Sky employee/agent fraudulently led us to believe that we were to receive the stated Sky TV, Broadband and Calls package and then deleted a section such that it looks like we have agreed to only the Sky HD package for £52 a month. This is a fraudulent act by him as a Sky employee/agent as this is NOT what we signed up for. His action of folding the form so that the Key Contacts page is uppermost is the “slight of hand” that hides what he has done to the form by way of a large cross deleting two sections we had previously agreed with him were to be part of the package.


I feel I have been treated very badly by this Sky employee/agent having been a customer of Sky for 20 years, and this has left us feeling very angry indeed and would suggest that others take great care if upgrading their Sky package via one of their representatives.


We feel we are pretty “savvy” with scams – but we were well and truly caught out here.


Don't get caught out as we have. :-S >:-(

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