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Suspended bed fitting


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My Benimar 710 CCX has a bed over the garage which is suspended on adjustable clips as in the photo below. One clip is missing and I want to get a replacement.

Can anyone tell me is this a standard sort of arrangement for these sort of beds? If so can anyone point me to a supplier?


The Benimar is Spanish built - and I am very pleased with it but spares are problematic in the UK.


( I have made a fixed clip to replace the missing one, but I may need to move the bed to fit a scooter in the garage so need the adjustable clip)


Thanks :-D


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JohnP - 2011-07-23 4:45 PM


I may be able to help if you could you just photograph the clip and not the strip which is screwed to the woodwork..


JohnP - Hi & thanks 2 photos as below:

The punched lugs are about 13mm wide & the flat that they are punched into is about 50mm wide.




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