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Temporarily removing drivers seat - X250


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I need to remove the drivers seat on my X250 motorhome to fit a second habitation battery under it. Looking under the seat I can see a pair of wires connected to a yellow plug/socket which I suspect are for the seat belt pretensioner. Am I right in thinking that if I disconnect this it could result in the airbag warning light being illuminated & that would need a visit to a dealer to reset?


Can I avoid this by disconnecting the vehicle battery first & allowing the airbag system capacitors to discharge before unplugging?


Assuming this is the case, how long should I leave the battery disconnected before unplugging the seat belt pretensioner?


Once I have refitted the seat am I right in thinking I need to reconnect the seat belt tensioner plug, then the battery?


Is there anything else I need to consider?





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Well, I can answer my own question......


I disconnected the habitation battery & vehicle battery first. I was intending waiting 30 mins to make sure the capacitors had drained before removing the seat... I should not have worried, it took me a lot longer to get the bolts undone. There are 8 bolts (4 different types) that hold the seat swivel to the base. Once the bolts were undone, I unplugged the yellow connector, rescued an extra earth cable which was fastened to one of the bolts & hoisted the seat out.


Refitting was a lot quicker & after I reconnected the battery, reset the clock everything was fine, I was pleased to find no warning lights when I started the engine.


I now have a 100Ah AGM battery under the drivers seat and another just behind it. Now all I need to do is wire it up.



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