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tyres for sale on ebay

donna miller

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They are a totally unknown quantity. Size only stated. No load or speed rating.


They are not Agilis, or Agilis Camping. Wrong tread. They look like the older XC Camping treads, which would be logical coming off a Hymer. True condition difficult to assess, but age easy enough.


Possible reasons for removal would be the Hymer was written off without affecting the tyres (flooded?), it was left standing for so long they have pronounced flats, or simply they are over 5 years old, or possibly older, and were replaced for this reason. However, the tyre dealer/fitter usually disposes of the old covers, so why would they have been retained? So, is sonny Jim the tyre dealer trying to get his Mum a little bonus. :-)


Besides all of which, why aren't there 5? Most B class Hymers shod with XC campings will have carried a spare.


Never buy unknown tyres, especially if used!

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