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david brown

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We take probably the easy option and insure via one or other of the two main "Clubs".

We have had periods insuring with both the Camping and Caravan Club and the Caravan Club.


In 30 plus years we have never had direct cause to see how good either actually were however several close friends have and they were not lacking.


At the NEC we have been solicited by independent insurers to receive a quote; they have never been sufficiently financially attractive after laboriously getting them to offer the same level of cover to warrant changing.

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I would say the same as mel about the Caravan Club.


Both clubs offer a good compregensive plan.


I have used NFU in the past but was disapointed to find they did bot cover "large" caravans (basically Twin axles) - not do they insure things like awnings and awning contents.


I cannot say for the C&CC - but the CC plan does cover these with no restriction on size.


DO NOT HANG ABOUT THO! - get it insured asap.


One company to avoid is E&L - truly shocking claims paying history.

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