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Roads in Spain in the winter


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stick to the main roads and you should be ok, the spanish are a lot better at keeping there roads clear,than we are. as soon as there are any signs of bad weather they are out there doing what is needed,
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Just keep your eye on the weather forecasts in the week running up to your arrival.


If the forecast is NOT bad when you arrive, then almost any roads other than the very highest mountain passes to/from/around the mountain ski resorts will be absolutely fine.

(Be aware that on some of those very high mountain roads/passes, there are some times of the winter when in order to go over them you MUST be law have snow chains fitted........but only during the very rare times when there is heavy snow)


If when you arrive the forecast is for snow. then just stick to the main motorways: the Highways brigade are really on the ball here, and have thousands of snowplows and gritting lorries on standby - they really are amazing at rapid and effective snow clearing here compared to the UK, when you consider that comparatively Spain is a much poorer country, and is roughly the size of France but with only about 44 million residents. They keep motorways clear as their top priority.


By mid-March you shouldn't have any problems at all - but again, just stick to main motorways on your way back North if there is any unusually bad weather about.


I'd sat that the odds of you having to alter your route to only do motorways, because of snow on your way down is maybe only 5%; not something to worry about unduly.

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