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Driving in Croatia

Don Madge

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There have been problems in Croatia where the authorities have not recognised/excepted a UK driving license.


See http://www.theaa.com/motoring_advice/overseas/idp-requirements-by-country.html


You need a IDP to hire a car but to be on the safe side get an IDP as well just in case you have a problem.


We always carry an IDP in which ever country we visit and they are always well received.


Safe travelling.




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We have an IDP anyway (they are £5.50 from selected PO's) but for anyone in Croatia at present or not wanting to get an IDP, this is what the British Consular Office in Zagreb e mailed me today


QUOTE .... was not aware of any change in the law, but have check with the police direct.

I have checked with the 1st police station in Zagreb, Department for Traffic, who say that the law has not changed and that British citizens driving in Croatia need only their valid British driving licence if they are in Croatia on tourist visit only. This is for visit up to 90 days in 6 months. If they want to stay longer the need to apply for residence permit and for Croatian driving licence (in which case they will only hold the Croatian one because one person should only have one valid driving licence at a time because of possible offence/s made, etc).

I asked about people being fined for not having the IDL, they say that it might have been professional drivers, in which case they need a British driving licence and an IDL.

The Embassy is not aware of British citizens being fined for not having an IDL on top of their British driving licence.END QUOTE



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