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Comet on its way - Oooooooeeeer!


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We have a comet on its way. Comet Elenin - named after a Russian astronomer - nothing to do with ELE - Extinction Level Event - (I hope :-S )



"C/2010 X1 will come to perihelion (closest approach to the Sun) on 11 September 2011 at a distance of 0.4824 AU.[3] On 16 October 2011, the comet will pass within about 0.2338 AU (34,980,000 km; 21,730,000 mi) of the Earth[3] at a relative velocity of 86,000 km/hr"


In the big scheme of things - 34,980,000 km is really not that far. But it is far further away than the moon is.(lol)



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Green taxes will cost us all -




So i am not sure about "taking off" - more like a nose dive.


And all when 69% of Americans think that Climatescientists are likely to have falsified results:-




I wonder what the UK %'age would be?


And all the time Chris(get my wife to take the points) Huhne seems intent on driving our competiveness as a country down to an all time low,



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So if companies in a particular industry don't like a tax that affects them, it must be a bad idea?

But why WOULD they like paying tax? No-one else enjoys it!


And if 69% of AMERICANS believe something, it must be right?

No offence to any Americans on here, but ....


If that's Earth, I think I'll migrate to the comet!

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I think its only relevance is that prior to the various debacles that span out of the "Climategate" emails, the figure for Americans that believed in catastrophic man made global warming was about the same figure.


Now the pendulum has swung the other way and one of the biggest populations on the planet (like em or loath em (lol) ) now think that the scientists concerned made up the data.


That is why I posted that I wonder what the equivalent figure would be for the UK.


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