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Fave gadget!


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My HTC Wildfire S mobile phone, plus a 32GB microSD memory card for it.




Sat nav.


3,000 songs, 50 comedy/current affairs/plays/Archers etc podcasts (all downloaded for free)....either through headphones or the MH stereo system.

Download at least 10 films for free.....then watch them on its really good screen, or through separate DVD player/screen.

Brilliant camera.

Spirit level app.

LED torch app.

Easy to use calandar, and notepad for site reviews etc (instantly transferred to PC when we get home).

Holds copies of all our important documents and phone numbers.....which can be printed out via any PC in an emergency, via bluetooth or by using the SD card directly into that PC.


Oh, and you can make phone calls and send texts on it too.

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Tracker - 2011-09-19 2:04 PM


For us one of the greatest benefits of going abroad is that you can't get UK TV!


For us there is absolutely nothing that simply 'cannot' be missed - and even if there were it would be repeated again and again so anything we did miss we can get to see first time when it is repeated!


A selection of cds dvds and books is ample for us for evening entertainment.


Good job we are all difrunt innit!



We are with you on this one...hence our favourite 'non gadget' is an empty TV bracket... (lol) If the better half is in need of a goggle box (which she is yet to be) we can take a portable DVD player to watch...but definitely NO telly.

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For me at the moment has to be my mobile phone ( Note 4)

it has Tom Tom, navigon and as well as the usual it does the reversing camera.


Just bought an Acer 13 chromebook too as it has a 13 hour battery so hopefully good for tv dvd rather than having a standalone tv.


Best thing has to be a kettle, that's why I bought the van

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