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Great price


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Picked our M/H up yesterday after internal modifications to Washroom door by Coachbuilt.

Very pleased with their work. Unless you knew what was done, it still looks as original.


When I got home the wife obviously keen to test the modification. So booked Sunday & Nonday nights at Tattershall Lakes, (full facilities Hoseason's site) at £5.00 per night. Yes that's right Five Pounds per night with Electric Hook-up & upto 6 people per pitch. (£16.00 per night if you want Water & Waste hook-up)

Rang to confirm & their Bar / Cafe facilities are also open.




Available for Sunday to Thursday @ £5.00/night, then £13.00 for Sat - Sun.


Cheaper than most CL's or CS's. for those wanting mid-week breaks.

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What a bonus.


Got back at lunchtime from our short break at Tattershall Lakes

We had an unexpected treat all Sunday afternoon, didn't finish until about 6pm.

It was the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight's last day of the season playtime

All the pilots up just having a fun days' flying.

Not just the 3 regulars, but 6 Spitfires, 2 Hurricanes, the Lancaster & the Dakota.

All really low over the Lake, some formation flying & then the Spitfires being thrown all around the sky.

The Lancaster must have taken off / landed at least a dozen times, with others joining it at different times.

Sat outside the bar with a beer or two, right under the flight path, we couldn't have had a better view if we had been on the Airfield.


All day Monday & this morning back to modern aircraft, Typhoons, Eurofighters, all in the EXERCISE JOINT WARRIOR


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