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magnetic strip


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Guest pelmetman

After reading your post I seem to recall something from my wasted education:D.............so did a quick Google;-)

Place the weakened magnet near a much stronger magnet.


Rub the stronger magnet on and around the weaker magnet. This helps re-align the poles in the weaker magnet that have been thrown off.


Repeat as necessary to rejuvenate the weaker magnet. If the weaker magnet is already fully charged, there is no way of making the magnet stronger. It is only possible to increase the magnet strength to its initial level of magnetism.


Read more: How Do I Rejuvenate a Weak Magnet? | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_6939769_do-rejuvenate-weak-magnet_.html#ixzz1a1gbnRB7

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gordy1 - 2011-10-06 7:01 PM



Hi All


The magnetic strips on the flyscreen door has lost it power,any idear where i might be able to purchase these strips cheers




Have you tried just cleaning the strip.? I found this worked on the Mag Strip on our wash room door. Just a gentle wipe with a domestic cleaner , Like Cif or such like.


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