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Gross Train Weight reduced..


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Having been following various A-frame threads and also looking into the feasibility of maybe a small car trailer,it has got me looking at the Gross Train Weight of my vehicle...

Now,prior to our ownership,Trigano had upped/reinstated out van to 3850kg...However looking now,it appears that the GTW has dropped by 550kg?

Why would that be then..?


Renault plate:






Trigano plate:






I can obviously understand,that the heavier the towing vehicle,the less "allowance" is left over for the trailer but I can't understand why the overall train weight should've dropped?


I'm probably missing something daft :$

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On the face of it, nor do I, but I don't understand where the odd extra 20kg front axle, and 40kg rear axle, permissible loads come from, either. I assume this must have been arrived at in conjunction with Renault, or it may be an error on the Trigano data plate. You could try asking Trigano why the GTW was reduced, but they don't have the greatest of reputations for their responsiveness.
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Rosbotham - 2011-10-14 8:22 PM


I assume it's a coachbuilt? If so, it'll be the chassis extensions which are the limiting factor.


Ah!..that'll probably be it... ;-)

I've never given the train weight much thought before(..only concentrating on the gross weight).


Thanks for your inputs chaps... ;-)

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