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Corsica trip


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We are hoping to visit Corsica next June(?) and would welcome advice from anyone who has been recently. We have a Murvi Morello.

There seem to be a variety of ferry options- any recommendations ?

Is it worth getting an ASCI card, or camping cheques ?

Is it reasonable to try to tour extensively in about 2 weeks ? (Only 1 driver, and prefer a gentle pace.)

Any campsite tips?

We are unfit pensioners, so shortish walks and a bit of gentle swimming and sightseeing are our usual activities.

Any advice gratefully received.


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Guest JudgeMental

Have been there and Sardinia (short ferry ride away) but we flew and hired car. the west coast mountain roads are probably the worst we have experienced. You look at a map and estimate 1 hr plus and 3 hrs later you are still driving!. the east coast much easier, some lovely beaches..


we want to go back as we have a panel van now as well...I did start looking at ferry's to Corsica/Sardinia/ Sicily and drive back up through Italy (our favourite European destination)....maybe 2013 as next year planned already :-D

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Hi Oldbones


I have been looking on my Camping Cheques map and there appears to be several well spaced camp sites down both sides of Italy and there are 3 on Corsica itself.


I cannot help with regard to ACSI as I don't have their book or card.


Hope this info helps.

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