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I had not come across this product before, so decided to have a nosy.

Looking at one website:- http://www.walkdengroup.co.uk/?section=Leisure&page=276


& the various tabs, indicates it is suitable for heavy traffic areas & in industrial applications. They also state there has been a letter in MMM regarding a Shower tray repair (although I can't remember it, specifically).

IMO the ammount of support underneath the Shower Tray could be the crutial factor, as to it working or not.

If the Shower Tray support is good, (or can be made good) it would appear to be a potential solution.

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Many Thanks,


I have checked the website and it looks promising, especially if reinforced with Kevlar. There might be a question of the adhesion with ABS. Certainly well worth investigating!

Again I appreciate your help.

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