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we've done it!


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I'm not sure what happened there, but this is obviously not as easy as it might be.


As I was about to say, we've done it!, the van is advertised, and the caravan will be collected in a couple of weeks time, I just have to get the towbar fitted to the car, and sort out insurance.


It was not an easy decision, but we were forced to accept that a combination of my age and chronic heart problems means that bicycles do not give us enough mobility to enjoy touring in the van, and the alternatives do not appeal to us.

Turning the scales at over 19 stones means that we don't really fancy a motorscooter on a rack at the back of the van. It would need to be quite a big scooter, and we would need to change the van as well to get the capacity to carry it.


Towing a car, on a trailer or on an A frame, does not appeal either. We would also need to change the van because the Sailor does not have capacity to tow more than 750 kilos.


So, reluctantly, we shall tow a slightly used caravan behind the car that we already own.


Of course we will miss the van driving experience, one does get a superior view in the van, but I imagine that going from the Sprinter to the car will be much like the come down we experienced when we sold the Georgie Boy RV and bought the Sprinter.


Not everything is bad though, I dare say we will find something to do with the tens of thousands of pounds we will not have to spend now to change the van etc., and whilst we will miss being able to see over hedges etc from our evelated seats in our fairly basic , noisy van, we will be able to find some solace in listening to the music from my Ipod, played through the eight speaker multi media settup in the car, as we cruise serenely along in climate controlled luxury.


There is, of course the safety angle, we've all heard the news flashes about M5 closed for overturned caravan etc., but I have to say that I drive between 40 and 50 thousand miles per year, mostly around the M25/M4/ M3/M40 area, and I cannot recall seeing a single overturned caravan. In any case, with the ABS/ESP/Caravan Stabilty Programme/ seat belt tensioners/allround air bags/etc.,fitted to my car, I feel that I will be as well looked after as is possible.


Finally, we need to think about speed limits, the caravan is generally restricted to lower speed limits than the van, but in reallity I don't think it will make much difference. We generally cruise the Sprinter at around the 60 to 65 mph level, partly to conserve fuel, partly to keep the noise down to below the painfull level, and partly because the faster you go the more the van or caravan is affected by cross winds or the side draft from other vehicles.


Really, it is a question of personnal choice, I truly hope everyone is able to have a set up that they think is right. There will always be compromises, and there are always many different ways to achieve what you want. ( In Brummy parlance this expressed as "there are more ways of killing a cat than stuffing it's backside with cream buns.") We think we've got it about right, for us. The 6'11" x 4'9" fixed bed in the caravan will suit us better than the 6'4" x 4'5" bed in the motorhome, and whilst the allowance for personal belongings is about the same for both, we will have the capacity to put an extra 400kilos in the boot of th car, apart from that we will have about the same living space as the motorhome, it's just different, and we quite like the look of it.


We hope to devise a "caravan light" approach to the caravan. We don't want one of those huge multi wing awnings, that require civil engineering skills and planning permission to erect, but will carry either a lightwieght porch, or a small wind out awning for when we want to settle for a few days, let's face it, that's all we had with the van, and I hope to work out how to set up or move on as easily as we did in the van. I'm sure everyone finds the Aquaroll/Wastemaster business a bit of a chore, but unless you move on every couple of days in the van, then you have just as big a chore in disconnecting everything and driving round the site to find the service point, and no we won't be able to use Aires, but to be honest we didn't do it that much in the van. We have always been prepared to stop on the big motorway service areas for a kip, whether in the motorhomes or in the caravans we have owned in the past, so far so good, and will continue to do so. All in all I am quite optimistic, but there is one downside I think. Caravanners don't do Forums! , and the magazines aren't a patch on MMM. How will I be able to tap into so rich a source of knowledge, understanding,entertainment and sheer dogmatic stupidity as we have here?



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Good luck..enjoy whatever you do.

My `Excuse¬ for "leaving" the motor home `game` is health? mine..not her indoors.. who puts me to shame...usually doing most of the `work` whilst on holiday..we enjoyed our near on 40 years of going out in the `Van`..and now we intend to enjoy the bit we have left.We are putting our vehicle up for sale asap..and know we will take a big loss on the sale..but that's life..some one will profit??

Enjoy the Caravan..I intend to enjoy being `ferried

Just going on a trip..Coach..5*..all in..cheaper than going in the`Van`

Vertigo..my problem? means we cant go on [the boss doesn't drive?]

Enjoy your new Carravannning..but dont forget the Motorvanners you leave behind..when you pass ..give them a wave??

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Guest Tracker

I wish you well Bill and just because you have moved over to 'the dark side' does not mean you can't still join in the fun and anarchy on here!


Many of us are not proud and we will still talk to tuggers although most draw the line at waving!


Much of the life support gubbins in caravans is the same as in motorhomes so if (when?) it goes wrong there should still be the same level of knowledge, wit and silliness available to help, amuse and hinder you!


Many of us although sometimes reluctant to admit to having been on 'the dark side' also have some experience of towing and of caravans, albeit somewhat out of date in many cases so do please stay with us.


Best wishes for many happy caravanning years.

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Good luck in your new venture

I am sure you did not take the decision lightly . we too are thinking on the same lines, and for the same reasons as yourselves, but maybe in another year or two. Age catches up with us all, but lets carry on ASAP.


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Must admit we came to motorhomes FROM Caravans, mainly because of a few 'Scares' whilst towing, and a feeling of 'helplessness' when caught in a 'Snake'. Correctly loaded 'van, tyre pressures ok, Stabiliser on, in short no 'provable' reason, but it happened. We were not hurt, 'van or car not damaged but i was VERY shaken. And excessive speed isn't always the cause.

Anyway, 6 years down the line we don't regret the swap, it is a lot more expensive to 'Upgrade'/ 'Downsize', and a lot of 'old' parking spots have dissapeared behind height barriers, the UK is NOT very motorhome friendly ! i don't know why ? you would think they would welcome a 'Pensioners' spare cash, but they don't seem to want it. (if you are in a Motorhome !).

SO, we wish you Luck, we understand why you would swap, we have often thought of it, BUT our bad experience would stop us 'going back'. even if it meant giving up Touring. ;-) Ray

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Archiesgrandad - 2011-11-02 11:48 PM........It was not an easy decision, but we were forced to accept that a combination of my age and chronic heart problems means that bicycles do not give us enough mobility to enjoy touring in the van, and the alternatives do not appeal to us. .......AGD

Sounds like you've made a well considered decision and as a result can still enjoy touring.

I agree that you should still visit this Forum and let us know how you get on, you're bound to have some good (amusing?) experiences/moments to inform and entertain us. And you know that if you have any problems there are plenty of folks here to completely confuse you!

Perhaps we need a new thread to consider a name for those who leave MHoming and move to the dark side? Former loonies? Marbles regained?

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