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Winter motorhoming


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Certainly ! we will be 'away' for Christmas ! visiting the 'Kids' who live Nr. Birmingham. Staying on a CC club site Nr. There. Electric hook-up for the Oil-filled Radiator and Christmas Lights.

Christmas Dinner Booked at a local Hostelry ! Sorted !


Shame how the C Club put up their pitch fees for Christmas though. Ray

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Chloe MMM - 2011-11-23 3:33 PM


Hi all, the question was meant to be:


Do you use your motorhome all year round? If so, what are your top winter tips?


Ah that's different then.....my top tips:


Make sure you take nice warm/waterproof clothes....a good quality layer system so you can enjoy the outdoors whilst keeping warm.


Suitable and effective heating for those cold nights in your home on wheels.


In the depths of winter keep the MH warm to stave off those frozen pipes. A bit more gas/elektrickery/diesel (depending on your heating source) usage is cheaper than fixing burst pipes/leaks.


A good quality screen cover.......gives insulation and privacy for the interior with the onset of early darkness.


and there must be loads more.....



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Chloe MMM - 2011-11-23 4:33 PM Hi all, the question was meant to be: Do you use your motorhome all year round? If so, what are your top winter tips?

1) Decent 'silver screens'

2)All water pipes run internally and an internal Water tank

3) a spare 13kg gas cylinder preferably the red stuff

4) fluffy slippers

5) no carpet but a good mat

6) stay out of the mud and only use hard standings

7) motorhome abroad:-)

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Oh yes! Last winter when it got down to -18 we spent three weeks in the Lake District. On the plus side hardly anybody else bothered or should I say attempted to go there so you could park where you liked and we wilded a lot of the time. On the downside we were snowed in for 5 days at Hawkshead and on the 5th day we decided to go for it and get to windermere on the scooter. Left it too late coming back in the dark and the slushy stuff froze solid and we crashed the bike on the ice.


Top tips for winter then are


Dont ride anything on two wheels when its sub zero


DO make sure your pipes are not frozen with water still in them the day before you leave which then take three days of warmth to thaw out (including Christmas day) before Mrs D can have a shower!


Take a 20 litre plastic water carrier with tap in case you dont follow the rule above


Do take your shower head off when its freezing and the van is not in use so you dont have to stick it back together like I did when it cracks and falls to bits


Make sure you have a Mrs D type person who is light and agile so you can send her up on the roof to clean the snow off the dome / dish so you can watch Christmas Telly


Dont eat the yellow snow



Attached is a pic of Mrs D before I nearly killed her (Waiting for the windermere ferry)


Yep that is ice either side of the ferry lane right across the whole lake. Both Windermere and Thirlmere were completely frozen.




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Yes just had a super weekend away with our club, full christmas dinner for 19 of us, everyone cooked something ready for the meal at 3pm. The meal lasted nearly 3 hours, four courses.


Then 18 of us are away for the new year.


Whats the point of spending all that money just to have it sitting on the drive.





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Yes, whenever we can....

tips - ensure all systems working Ok

keep heating on 24/7, at a low level. It's far easier to cool down than warm up!

External cab screens - in our case plus internal blinds

Take wellie boots - we find them earier than ordinary walking boots,eepcially on ice and in deep snow.


The only thing which troubled us last year was that we were unable to clean the windscreen for several miles along the M25 - the screen liqid had frozen and the spray from other vehciles wasnt quite wet enough!


However, it's also fair to say that if possible, we also like to get away for some warmth, but that is getting just too expensive with thecontinual increase in APD...might look for a last minute offer after Christmas thiough - there still seems to be quite a few around!


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