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14.4volts from Liesure Battery


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I went to check on the motorhome yesterday after being in storage for four weeks, everything was fine as I would expect as there has been no bad weather. (We could still be on tour).


I checked the battery state on the over door panel and the leisure battery was giving out 14.1 volts which is as high as I have ever seen it. The engine battery was at 0.5 volts less than the liesure battery which is as it should be as the battery master keeps it that way.

I find that the solar panel controller normally gives a more accurate reading than the panel reading so I checked that and the liesure battery was reading 14.4 volts.


The sun was shining at the time of taking the readings and the panel was generating 1.2 amps.


Is 14.4 volts OK or am I boiling the battery and if so what can I do to correct it?


Any comments from you sparkies out there would be helpful.


I just thought this may be relevant. ---- I Have two 101 amp liesure baterries fitted






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Charging voltages sound fine. I would expect then to fall back though to 13.8 volts if left for long enough and the charge cycle switches to float charge. However some of the pulse charger controllers seem to keep the battery showing 14.4 volts. As you say as soon as you apply a load it quickly falls back.
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hallii - 2011-11-18 7:11 PM


Mine is at 14,4v fully charged as well, it is a gel battery and they do charge at a higher voltage.

If you put a small load on, maybe a couple of lights, it will drop to less than 14v quite quickly, at least mine does.




Easy to get caught our with a gel battery you think it's fully charged when meter is reading 14.2-14.4v but a gel battery needs to be kept at 14.4v for 8 hours to get a full charge, a wet cell only needs about an hour.

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